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"صيّف مع يلو" يجذب أهالي وزوار حائل

Monday, 12 July, 2021

On this occasion, Khalid Al-Suwaidi, Events and Marketing Officer at La Vera, thanked Al Wefaq Rent a Car Company “Yelo” for its sponsorship of the summer season’s activities, stressing that this is not surprising for “Yelo”, which is known for its initiatives and positive community interaction, and said: "The park is a new outlet in light of the tranquility of the place, nature and enjoyment of the site, adding that all sessions have the same feature and character. However, the experience of the Big Wheel, which is estimated at about 40 meters in height, added another dimension to the place; whereas visitors can have a panoramic view of the park, not to mention the children's enjoyment of the various electric games". He added: "In this season, which came under the slogan of (Spend Summer with Yelo) and the auspices of Al-Wefaq Rent a Car Company (Yelo), families and young visitors flock all days of the week from 05:00 in evening until 02:00 in morning to spend hours full of fun, joy and happiness, especially as they see their children in ecstasy and pleasure of moving among the various games that they race towards them, and at the same time, adults and young people enjoy walking, and some of them prefer to relax in the green spaces, eat their various meals, and sip their drinks during chatting with one another at night and restore memories in the open arms of their dreamy Hail city".

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