Joyful times and beautiful destinations.

Summer is here, and the vacation has already started. Let's explore the unexplored and live the ultimate joy with family and friends.

Get the chance to discover the hidden gems in Jeddah, Ta’if, and Abha, where we customised travelling packages to let you enjoy a one-of-a-kind travelling experience with Yelo and Visit Saudi.

Live your experience to the max at the ultimate destinations and drive along the blue coral shores in Jeddah, the craggy mountains in Abha, or the marvellous landscape of Ta’if.

Book through Yelo app or Website from any branch and make sure to drop off your car in Jeddah, Abha, or Tai’f to enjoy:

20% Discount on your booking.*
(10% online booking discount + 10% featured cities discount)
50% Discount on Open kilometer
50% Discount on Shipping Services.

Hit the road and create your own story.

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  • Car dropoff location must be at Abha, Taif, or Jeddah
  • Dropoff location and Pickup location must be in different cities
  • Offer discounts apply on online bookings (through Yelo app or website) only.
  • Offer valid till 24/09/2022
  • All discount amounts will be redeemed upon contract closure
  • Offers may vary depending on the business need.