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Incidents and claims

I had an incident, what is the procedure to follow?

If, god forbid, should you get into an accident. The accident must be reported to najm or traffic, as for the car, it must be returned to the nearest branch in the accident area with the report from najm or traffic.

I had an accident and the car could not move, also I have a report from the najm/traffic?

The vehicle needs to be transported to the nearest branch by a tow truck , As for the report to be also delivered with the car to the branch employee, and the bill will be issued after the accident procedures have been concluded.

What are the procedures in case of an accident with a third party?

In the event of a zero error from the customer or if the customer adds a Yelo shield or Yelo shield plus , the customer does not bear any insurance policy, as long as there is a report from najm or traffic that includes the other party information.

If there is an error percentage on the customer and the customer didnt add any of the Yelo shields , the customer will pay insurance policy for the ages less than 26 AD, 7000 riyals, and in case of escape without information, and in case of accidents, drowning, and collision with a fixed object, 7000 riyals, and the policy of the car theft is 3500 riyals.
Ages above 26 AD Accidents with another party and the error rate is less than 50% 2500 riyals and higher than 50% 3500 riyals and for drowning and collision with a fixed object, policy of the car theft, and escape without information 3500 riyals. As for the car , it must be returned with the report from najm or traffic to the nearest branch in the incident city.

In the absence of a report from najm or traffic, the customer shall be liable for all damages caused by the accident and this condition shall include all accidents.

What are the procedures for an accident if there is no other party?

If there is a report from najm or traffic and there is no other party registered to the report, the customer is liable for 3500 to 7000 Riyal insurance policy.

What conditions are not covered by insurance?

Failure to adhir the general traffic rules (bypass traffic lights, driving in reverse , driving under the influence), accident and non-lessee driver , the lessee driver intentionally damage the vehicle, or the customer's delay in return more than 24 hours.

What are the procedures of the accident if it happened outside the Kingdom?

If the customer at fault , he/she bears the full damage to the car.
If the fault is on the second party, the customer’s responsibility is to review the competent authorities and obtain the insurance claim from the same area and submit the insurance claim with the car upon returning it.

Does the international authorization cover accidents outside the Kingdom?

The International authorization isn't from the company rather it's from Tamm website and Tamm is from the traffic.
As for the insurance it doesn't include the accidents outside of the geographical scope of the kingdom as per the insurance policy and the contract.

Is it possible to return the accident car without a report and to make the report later and hand it over to the branch?

In this case the customer will pay the full amount of the damages, and any report after returning the car and closing the contract will be invalid.

What is the expected timeframe to conclude the accident proceedures?

The proceedures take from 7 to 10 working days.

Additional Services

What is the difference between the Yelo Shield and the Yelo Shield Plus?

Both are extra insurance services, And the main role for them is to exempt the customer from the insurance policy in case of an accident between two parties, as long as there is a report from najm or traffic even if it's the customer's mistake.

The difference is the Yelo shield plus exempt the customer from small damages in addition to the exemption of the insurance policy, like the tire punctures, normal usage of the tires, dust in the frontal bumper and headlights, very minor windshield chips, and small scratches that don't exceed 10 cm in length and 2 cm in width.

Do you have open kilometer/ open mileage service?

Open kilometer/ Open mileage is available for a small amount added to the daily rental price and available for all car tiers except the luxury tier.

Is the baby seats service available? And what are the conditions to benefit from the service in the kingdom?

The service is free within the Kingdom and can be added during booking and the service is only available at airport branches and subject to availability.

What is your Dubai Salik Service charge?

Salik fees are (30) AED per day and allows to use unlimted salik.

Is there International authorization service?

International authorization is a service provided by Yelo which can be added during the rental from branches and its only available for the GCC countries only.

What are the conditions for obtaining international authorization for a citizen and resident?

The use of the car outside the Kingdom is allowed only for the GCC countries after obtaining an authorization letter from the car rental branch for use outside the Kingdom and certified by the Chamber of Commerce.

What is the cost of an international authorization service?

150 SAR for Yelo Membership customers 120 SAR for Silver 90 SAR for Gold.

Is the business discount applied to international authorization charges?

Silver and Gold Membership Discounts only.


What is the time to redeem the Saudi insurance?

The request to redeem the saudi insurance can be received after 21 working days have passed after closing the contract.

How much to deposit when renting in dubai?

The deposit amount is between 1000 : 1500 AED.

What is the time to redeem the Dubai deposit amount?

A redemption request for the Dubai deposit amount can be received 30 business days after the closure of the contract and the customer will communicate via chat.


Why was I blacklisted?

There is a contract that has not yet been paid.

I Paid yesterday and so far my name has not been removed from simah, why?

Dear customer your name will be removed from simah within 7 working days after the claim has been paid.

Can you schedule the claim and remove my name from simah until payments are made?

The name is removed from simah when the full amount of the claim is paid.

Prohibited from leasing

Already paid the amount and still cannot make a booking, why?

You can reach us through the E-mail

I made the booking from the web/app and couldn't take the car?

You can reach us through the E-mail

Calculate nodes and damages

The amount of the (addons/additions) was calculated after being delayed few minutes?

The addons are calculated for every 24 hours as per terms and conditions.

I added Yelo shield plus and there are damages?

Yelo shield plus includes accidents and some small damages that are specified when choosing the service.

Rental conditions

What are the leasing conditions for a citizen or resident from ksa or gcc?

National ID card, driving licence valid for a minimum of 3 months, credit card and the age between 21 and 70 years old.

What are the leasing conditions for visitors?

Passport, international driving license valid for a minimum of 3 months, credit card, age from 21 to 70 years old and can only rent from airport branches.

Vehicle pick up and delivery

I want to return the car in makkah branch and the employee specified the return branch to be in jeddah?

You can return the car in any Yelo branches even if not specified in the contract, but please mind the shipping fees between areas when returning.

I returned the car, closed the contract and there is a traffic violation dues?

The traffic violations can be added to the offending contract even if it's is closed.

I received a car that i didn't book?

In case of the unavailability of the booked car, we provide a car from the same tier and if not available we promote you to a higher tier as per the T&C.

I'd like to be transported from the northern terminal to terminal 1 to receive the car?

You can reach us through the E-mail

I didn't receive the deauthorization message after returning the car?

When returning the car the authorization gets revoked automatically from abshr, And you can confirm that with your account on abshr.

I booked and the employee requested that i pay an insurance amount aside from the amount i paid on the app, Why?

We request an additional insurance amount on the car, And it differs from one car to another.

The employee requested the work ID and its forbidden as per ministry of commerce?

The work ID isn't required to rent, But will need to be viewed only when the customer wants to add the work discount.

I have a problem with the ID and the employee refused to give me the car and one day amount was deducted?

We sincerely apologize.
In that case the T&C that was accepted will be applied by deducting one day rental from the booking..

I booked online, went to the branch and the employee refused to give me the car or returning the amount for losing the ID?

We sincerely apologize.
In that case the T&C that was accepted will be applied by deducting one day rental from the booking..

I made a booking and i didn't receive the car due to the driving licence expired . Kindly return the full amount?

We sincerely apologize.
In that case the T&C that was accepted will be applied by deducting one day rental from the booking..

How much are the cars prices, And is there a monthly offer?

For booking and viewing the prices are through the app or the website.

I'd like to know the branches location?

You can check all the branches and locations through the app or the website from the branches icon.

Yearly contract application?

You can view more info regarding the yearly contracts from the website through the (Long-term lease) icon.

The available cars in the fleet?

To check the available cars in our fleet and its prices, Go to the website or the app from (our fleet) icon.

I have an objection?

You can reach us through the E-mail

i'd like to review the contract?

You can get a copy of the contract through the app or the closest branch?

i'd like to replace the car?

The replacement can be done for the same tier through the nearest branch, Or close the contract and open a new one for another tier as desired.

What is the working hours of your branches?

You can view the branches and working hours through the app or the website from the (Our branches) icon.

The car was the returned and i forgot few things?

You can submit your request through our E-mail:, and we will update you within 24 working hours.

Can i get refunded with the remaining amount if i return the car early?

We calculate the contract based on the actual duration and in case there is an amount it will be refunded.

Location, app and reservations

How to book?

You can book through the website or the app and get a discount as long as the reservation is at the least made 6 hours before receiving the car.
As for booking, you can follow the below steps:
- Choosing the pickup branch and the drop off if any, by pressing the "Return to a different location" and by pressing "same location" on the website.
- After that choose the date and time of pickup and dropoff as long as the reservation is for 24 hours at the least.
- Then choose the desired car from the available.
- Read the "or similar" and press ok.
-After that choose the addons as desired.
- Then the reservation details will fully appear and input the promotion code if any, And press confirm.
- Read Terms & conditions.
- choosing a payment method and completing the reservation by paying.
- And like that the reservation is complete and will get an SMS with the reservation number.

When can i modify the booking through the app?

You can modify the booking through your account in the website or the app 8 hours prior or more.

how long is the booking valid for?

The booking is valid and can be used within 24 hours from the original receiving time after that the booking expires automatically, there will be one day deduction, And the rest will be refunded.

Can the booking be made from the customer service for a new user?

In case of the new customers in Yelo rent a car, they can book through the app or the website.

When can the booking be cancelled and fully refunded?

The reservation can be canceled before receiving the car 24 hours prior in the least to refund the full amount, if canceled in less than 24 hours, there will be a one-day deduction, And the rest will be refunded within 7 to 14 working days at most.

Can more than one car be booked for the same customer?

The system can make only one reservation for each customer and in case of the reservation being turned into a contract, the customer can make a new reservation and the receiving time is after the return of the first car.

Is the price on the app or website include the vat?

The reservations through the website and the app includes the vat.

Is it possible to make a booking with a user and another customer receive the car?

The customer that made the booking is the only person that can receive the car.

How to execute the reservation through the app?

The reservation can be executed through the app under the following condtions :

-That the remaining time to receive the car is less than 30 minutes.
-That the customer is within 500 meters from the branch and GPS is activated.

Is it possible to get the work discount through the app or the website?

The work discount can be activated through the branch employee before executing the booking.

Is it possible to execute the booking through the app without completing the personal information?

Personal information needs to be completed regarding the ID number and driving license expiry date to execute the reservation.

Can i choose the color while booking?

The color of the car cannot be chosen while booking, However you can choose based on what's available upon arrival.

I'd like to extend the contract?

You can extend the contract through the website and the app from the open contracts page or visiting the closest branch.

I'd like to delete the email to register again.

You can reach us through the E-mail

Can i pay the dues through the app and the website?

You can do that in case of contracts inside the kingdom through the app and the website from the contracts icon in the ( in-debt ) page.

Maintenance and vehicle fault

Is there car replacement in case of car break down?

Its possible that the malfunction can be fixed by the Technician on spot.
If the car needs to be fixed in a workshop, replacement car will be provided.

What's the time needed for the technician to call the customer in case of a maintenance request has been sent?

The customer gets called within 20 - 30 minutes.

What are the working times for roadside assistance?

Our Team works 24/7 to be of service wherever you are.

How to request Roadside maintenance in case of a breakdown?

It can be done through contacting us on 8001000014 or through all social media channels.

How long does it take to check on the replaced car and checking if its the customer bears the damages or not?

The time needed is 7 to 10 working days and might increase in case of the car entering the agency for checking.


When does the customer get a membership in Yelo?

The customer becomes a member after first car rental in Yelo.

What are the benefits of the yellow membership?

The customer gets a 5% discount, 220 km per day, And 2 free delay hours not including the addons.

What are the benefits of the silver membership?

The customer gets a 10% discount, 250 km per day, And 3 free delay hours not including the addons.

What are the benefits of the golden membership?

The customer gets a 15% discount, 300 km per day, And 4 free delay hours not including the addons.

Is it possible to make use of the membership discounts with the work discount?

You can use only one of the two discounts.

Is it possible to use the online payment discount with the membership one?

In case of online payment you can benefit from the online payment discount in addition to the membership discount.

How do you calculate the Redemption points?

Yellow member ship for each rial the customer gets 1 point, the silver gets 1.25 points, And the golden 1.5 points.

How do you calculate the loyalty Tier points?

For every rial paid you get 1 loyalty tier point.
As for the points gets calculated based on the car price only.

How can i make use of the redemption points?

You can request the deduction from redemption points before closing the contract, And the redemtion points are converted into riyals at 1.5% of the number of points (1000 point = 15 ryals).

What is Amyali Family Membership?

It's a service that allows a Yelo member to add his (father, mother, wife, son and daughter) to his membership to get the same benefits, And the original customer will need to raise a request through the app or the website after that the beneficiary customer will need to accept the request from his account.

How to add fursan membership?

It can be added through visiting the closest branch, Or sending the fursan card to the email:

How to transfer Redemption points to fursan?

The points can be transferred based on the membership.
Blue: 5% discount and every 2 ryals = 1 mile.
Silver: 10% discount and every 1.5 ryals = 1 mile.
Golden: 15% discount and every 1 ryal = 1 mile.
The points are converted automaticly if the contract is opened with the fursan membership from the begining.
In case there are redemption points in Yelo a request will need to be raised through the customer service and it can be transferred within 35 days.

How can i use mobaili points when renting from Yelo and vice versa?

You can use mobaili points as long as the contract amount is 100 ryals at least, you can benefit from 100 ryals discount if you have 4000 points in mobaili, And the more points the more the discount.
You can use the service through the code *1100# as you get a code to provide the employee only.
And you get 1 mobaili point for every 3 ryals spent in Yelo.

Miscellaneous queries

Are there any Yelo branches in Europe?

There is a partnership between Yelo and Europcar, And customers can book through the website or the app and benefit from the membership discount.

Is it possible to benefit from the work discount in Europcar?

Only the membership discount can be used.

What are the payment methods in Europcar?

You can pay through the Yelo website or the app while booking.

The gasoline amount and the extra charges were exaggerated, why?

The contract is opened only when the car's tank is full, And in the event of returning in short of gasoline, the customer pays the gasoline amount + 50 ryals refill fees.

Are all the cars in Yelo rent a car automatic?

All the cars in Yelo rent a car fleet are automatic.

I have dues to pay and I would like to file an objection to it?

You can reach us through the E-mail

What is an identification document?

It means ID or residency.

Do you have a long-term leasing service? and what are its benefits?

We do have long-term leasing with a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3 years, And you can apply for it through the website. And its benefits are :
- A special monthly rental price.
- A new car while choosing the color.
- There's regular maintenance for free.
- In case of an accident, the customer gets a replacement car.

I want to buy one of the cars you have in your fleet?

We do have a dealership, you can reach us through social media channels, or You can submit your comment on the website and the app, and we will call you within 24 working hours.

Is it possible to use the work discount in Egypt or emirates?

of course you can use the work discount in Egypt and UAE.

Is it possible to pay dues from (Egypt or emirates) through the app?

unfortunately you cannot pay those dues through the website or the app however you can pay through any branch in KSA or in the same country that you rented from.

Can I authorize another person?

The vehicle can only be used by the customer in the contract.

What is the minimum rental period from Yelo?

The minimum rental period is 24 hour, Also we have a special service for our branches in the airport for pickup and dropoff with 6 hours at least and 9 hours at most.

Are there any additional fees for returning the car later than mentioned in the contract?

Yes, but there is a grace period of a maximum of (4) hours of delay that does not include the addons, at a rate of (2) hours for yellow membership holders and up to (3) hours for silver membership holders, and (4) hours for golden membership holders - and more than that (maximum 4 hours) is calculated according to the following equation ((the value of the daily rental x the number of hours of delay) / 24)) x 2 = the cost of the value of the delay hours.