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Perks of corporate long-term leasing

Manage your budget efficiently, avoid unexpected expenses, and save time.
Minimize unexpected expenses, reduce downtime, and avoid costly repairs.
While covered by the manufacturer’s warranty against any major faults.
As a business expense, monthly lease payments are eligible for tax deductions.
Avoid the burdens of vehicle depreciation and eliminate the car sales hassle
Manage your fleet and costs and comply to your own policies

Why and how it works for business

You like to benefit from the rental of a new car and enjoy all the advantages of free maintenance service, insurance and breakdown service and would like to take advantage of these benefits over a long period? Individual long-term rental is made for you.
Would you like to facilitate your business by providing them with a vehicle that suits your practical needs and accomplish your work tasks? Corporate long-term rental is made for you .

Corporate Portal Benefits:

Efficient fleet is crucial for any business, big or small. Yelo provides customized solutions for various business needs, allowing you to overcome mobility barriers and expand your operations. Our user-friendly interface enables easy management of your fleet, with access to accurate data, reports, and dashboards for informed decision-making. Partner with us to streamline your fleet and take your business to the next level.

Profile management
User-friendly interface
Accurate data access
Reports and dashboards
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