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Advantages of long-term leasing for women

Thursday, 12 November, 2020

The year 2018 witnessed the issuance of the supreme decision to allow women to drive, which prompted car rental companies to open their doors to women who hold driving licenses after they were allowed in accordance with the conditions and controls applied to everyone in the rental offices. It is interesting that women prefer the car rental service to buying it as a first experience driving, and it seems a logical decision as they will have the ability to get to know the car better, in addition to getting rid of the hassle of various costs. This is what made Al-Wefaq Rent a Car Company "Yelo" a favorite destination for women to rent cars, as Yelo provides a long-term rental service, which is a rental for a full year, and what distinguishes it is that the customer is delivered a new car, and the company bears the trouble of maintenance and insurance costs with the possibility of changing the car. During the contract period if there is a problem with it and other matters, not to mention the availability of mobile maintenance service. Whereas during the period of renting the car, the lessee will not have to worry about any unexpected problems in the car, Yelo will allow her to choose the color of the car that she likes while changing the type of the car itself in order to inspect the various models and know what suits their requirements. This is in addition to the availability of an exclusive feature at Yelo, which is an online reservation feature, as this feature is available for daily and monthly rentals. The customer can choose the appropriate car and the nearest branch to her online or through the Yelo app, so that the car is ready for her in the branch without the need to wait.

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